Teenagers, Stress and Reflexology

Does your teenager seem more distant than normal? Are they cutting themself off from you and/or their friends?

For many the return to school is fun: a chance to learn, spend time with their friends, get back into the sports team and generally – be a teenager.

But for others it is a time of change, uncertainty and upset which can lead to stress, anxiety or depression.

cut off

As teenagers differ, so too do the visible signs that something may be wrong.

The following list is by no means finite but will hopefully give you an idea of what to look out for:


  • mood swings – is your usually happy, easy going teen snapping one minute then happy the next?
  • change in sleep patterns – are they sleeping more – or less – than usual?
  • change in eating habits
  • headaches
  • regular colds/flu
  • unexplained joint/muscle pain
  • inability to concentrate – used to love reading but can’t sit still for more than a few minutes at a time?
  • cutting themselves off – do they spend more time in their bedroom than usual?
  • over social – is your teen always in the company of others (friends or family), afraid to be alone?
  • over active – do they have to constantly be on the go? unable to relax?

How can reflexology help?

Firstly – I am neither a Dr nor counsellor/psychiatrist and must point out that if you are concerned about your teenager (or child of any age) I would strongly recommend talking to your GP. The worries may be all yours with your youngster blissfully unaware that their teenage moods are causing you angst!

However, providing an opportunity to step out of their usual environment, into a non-judgemental, calm space can have a positive effect and this is where reflexology comes in.

Regular treatments can help to relax the individual, reduce stress and enable sleep patterns to improve. Often they feel it is a safe place to raise any worries they have which can help them face the challenge or see it from a different angle.

Experience has shown that for some teenagers life gets stressful at certain times – exams, return to school, move to a new school – treatments can therefore be arranged pre and during the stressful periods.

For others, the worries are ongoing so a more regular programme might be required and monitored to help maximise the outcome.

Clearly treatments and any discussions are confidential but subject to the age of the young person, may require a parent/guardian to be present and/or give consent for the treatment to proceed.

Of course you, the parents/guardians, are also more than welcome – if you are calm and relaxed you will doubtless find it easier to help your teen through their tough times – lead by example 🙂


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