About me

I have been passionate about complementary therapies for many years. Over time I have enjoyed a healthy number of various forms of massage, reflexology sessions, acupuncture and hot stone treatments in addition to some rather painful foot massage involving sticks on a beach in Thailand! All of which I believe have given me insight into what makes a good therapist and environment stand out from the rest.

My decision to study reflexology is one that I will forever be grateful for. Initially I wanted to learn more about the history and techniques involved purely for personal interest. But as I progressed and experienced the positivity of clients and the joy of seeing people relax as a result of treatments I had given, my enthusiasm grew and I knew I wanted to build on my knowledge and experience. Hence Complete Reflexology.

In addition to reflexology, I am a Magistrate. In a busy courthouse my life is opened up to situations, people and elements of society that I would not ordinarily meet. Whilst this may seem a far cry from being a reflexologist, some of the skills involved are similar, especially listening skills. As a reflexologist I believe it is important to listen to what my clients tell me – as well as what they don’t tell me, but their feet indicate.

Since completing my initial studies I have gone on to complete CPD courses and additional studies in Spinal Reflexology, Head Massage, Chinese Foot Massage, First Aid, Pre-conceptual, Pregnancy and Post-Natal Care with Reflexology as well as Facial Reflexology (Bergman style) and Mindful Reflexology for Anxiety, Stress and Depression.

More recently I have studied Foot Reading with the incredibly talented Jane Sheehan. Ever wondered what a particular line on your right foot means or what 2 webbed toes might tell about you…?? It’s fascinating and more often than not, spot on!

In a nutshell:

Pre-Conceptual, Pregnancy and Post-Natal Care with Reflexology – Incorporating theory, practical suggestions for changes that can help clients along their pregnancy path and very focused reflexology techniques that can be incorporated into a full reflexology treatment and get right to the reflex points required.

Facial Reflexology – A wonderfully relaxing holistic therapy, facial reflexology can help in many ways such as: bringing your body into balance, reducing stress, working on sinus and congestion issues and aiding sleep patterns whilst plumping up the skin, reducing frown lines and encouraging a healthy glow. Beauty and Wellbeing combined!

Mindful Reflexology – According to the Labour Force Survey published by the Health and Safety Executive 11.7 million workdays were lost in the UK 2015/2016 to anxiety, stress and depression making up 45% of all work days lost to ill health. Mindful Reflexology aims to support those struggling with anxiety, stress or depression by calming and relaxing the body and mind through targeted reflexology. These are incorporated into a full treatment to help the individual reach their own sense of equilibrium.

Please note that reflexology is a complementary therapy and as such we would recommend it alongside advice and guidance from your GP.