Right Therapy, Wrong Therapist

I have previously mentioned that I believe there is a complementary therapy out there for everyone but that no one therapy fits all.

Along a similar line, having found the right therapy it doesn’t automatically follow that you have found the right therapist. Hence – right therapy, wrong therapist!

Confused…? Think of it along the lines of looking for a new house – those elusive thoughts of ‘I will know when I see it’ come to mind – nothing as concrete as it has to have 4 walls, a roof and running water but a certain feel, a sense of trust and dare I say it, your favourite aunt!

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to provide reflexology treatments in a large global organisation, an organisation that I had worked for several years prior in a corporate role (pre-reflexology!). On my first morning I went along to the treatment room to set up only to run into the ‘previous’ reflexologist – embarrassing for both of us!

However, she was gracious enough to admit that things hadn’t really worked out for her in the organisation and that considerable potential remained untapped – I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I was fully booked all day and I’m glad to report it continued to be a very positive experience for years to come

But why? What worked for me that hadn’t been such a success for her? We were both qualified, both members of the Association of Reflexologists so adhered to the same code of conduct and were of a similar age. There is no scientific answer – just a case of one approach or personality appealing to its’ audience.

So how can you find the right therapist for you?

For reflexology I would suggest you start with members of the Association of Reflexologists – that way you know they are insured, qualified and undertaking ongoing learning and development (CPD) to keep up to date with changes in the industry.

Next step, take a look at their website or Facebook page if they have them, both will give you a feel for the therapist, how they speak/write should reflect their personality and hopefully give you some insight into the therapist themselves. Reviews and testimonials can also be helpful – if they all refer to a very clean clinic but there is no reference to the therapist or treatment…

Speak to your potential therapist on the ‘phone – it’s so easy to book things over the internet or via email but time spent on the telephone could be time very well spent!

I offer programmes to my clients – discount for booking a number of treatments up front, but I don’t offer this to any client until we have had the first treament to ensure we are able to work together. I believe it is a two way relationship and both therapist and client need to feel fully at ease with each other for the treatment to have maximum effect.

Right therapist found and you may just have started down the path of a long and succesful relationship – Enjoy!

If you think I may be the right therapist for you I would love to hear from you!


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