A New Year, A New You – Is that right?

A New Year – it’s time for a New You!

How often do we hear this at this time of the year? Time to change, time to become what you’ve always wanted to be, time to leave your old life behind. But why? If we’ve been so far ‘off track’ how have we managed to get this far?

Instead of seeing it as time to change and throw out the ‘old you’, how about seeing it as time to grow? time to build on the strengths we already have, time to accept the areas we may not like but cannot realistically change – I’d love to be taller, younger even but in reality these are things that I have little control over – I can however make the most of what/who I am and maximise what my current health, age etc allows.

The following article puts things far more eloquently than I can so do please read on. I particularly appreciated the point re dissatisfaction at this time of the year when there is a palpable pressure to make resolutions, change things and  acknowledge where we have fallen flat to date. As the article goes on to say – if you want to grow you need to have space in your life to do so, if you want to achieve great things, you need to have some small steps to help you on your way. In my words – don’t set yourself up to fail. From little acorns…

Cultivate What You Want by Loving What You Have

Happy 2017 everyone – may this be the year you grow, enjoy and appreciate the real you.


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